Thursday, May 26, 2016

Box Buying Guide

There’s tons of options for corrugated boxes out there. This allows you to find the exact box that is perfect for your needs. What this also means is that it can be easy to get overwhelmed with so many selections. Because of this we’ve put together this handy guide to help you narrow down what boxes you should be considering.

There are some important factors to consider when you are purchasing a box. The biggest one? How heavy the contents of your box are going to be. Here are our guidelines. Please note these are only recommendations. Be sure when packaging your products that the weight is always distributed evenly.

Up to 65 lb.        200#/ECT-32 Single-Wall Corrugated
66 lb. – 95 lb.     275#/ECT-44 Single-Wall Corrugated
96 lb. – 100 lb.   275#/ECT-48 Double-Wall Corrugated

The dimensions of the box you need may seem obvious, but keep one thing in mind. If you are shipping products that are going to require cushioning, purchase a box which allows for 2” – 3” of extra space on all sides. This includes above and below the product. Doing this means you can use bubble products, foam products, or whatever other type of void fill you want to keep your product safe during shipping.

Not only are there different sizes and strengths when it comes to boxes, but there are different types as well. Fixed Depth Boxes are the standard cartons you are probably used to. Most of them will meet mailing and shipping specifications. These will work well for most of your shipping needs. HeavyDuty Boxes are 40% stronger than your standard shipping container. They provide your products with greater protection and have higher stacking strength. Multi-Depth Boxes are prescored, meaning you can easily adjust them to fit your specific needs. You can simply cut to the height you need, meaning each of these boxes can be customized. Moving Boxes are specifically designed to meet moving needs. Many of them come with pre-printed instructions. They come in many styles to make any move easier.

You can also narrow your box search even further. Computerboxes, file storage boxes, side loading boxes…there’s tons of specific options for people in specific industries.

We hope this guide has been some help to you. The perfect box is out there waiting, so go find it!  

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