Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Stand Out During the Holidays with Fantastic Shipping

We’re right in the middle of the holiday season, which means that many of you are probably sending out a large amount of products. That’s great! But you should be doing more than simply sending your customers the products they’ve ordered. This is the perfect opportunity to make your customers remember you.

So how do you stand out amid all the other companies sending out products? We’ve got some tips. First off, you may want to make some changes to your website. Customers nowadays find it stifling to only be offered one shipping method. The more options you can give your customers, the happier they will be. Ensure your customers can choose between slower, cheaper shipping options and faster, more expensive ones. If you can afford to, offering free shipping can make a huge difference in revenue. Many shoppers will gravitate towards you over competitors if you are able to offer them free shipping.

Now you’ve got the order and you’re ready to send it out. You want to make sure you are packaging all of your products properly. You will never get a good reputation if products arrive damaged, or even just in messy condition. We have an entire post about how to properly pack and ship that can be found HERE.

So, you’ve packed up your shipment? Before taping it up, consider adding some additions to the box. Unfortunately shipments are sometimes damaged, which is why it’s a good idea to include shipping and company information inside the box or mailer you are using. You can also stand out by including something a bit more personal in with the shipment. Add in a small sample or a handwritten note expressing your gratitude.  

With a rise of packages during the holiday season, you also see a rise of thieves. Requiring a signature upon delivery ensures your packages won’t fall into the wrong hands. Of course this depends on the customer, but it doesn’t hurt to recommend it on the website.

The product has been packed, shipped, and delivered, but that doesn’t mean your job is done! Send out an email to your customers thanking them for their business. You can even use this opportunity to request a review or ask customers to fill out a survey. This extra communication keeps you on your customers’ minds. Remember, the goal should be to get these customers to come back, or at least recommend you to friends and family.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at ShippingSupply.com, and we hope you have a great end of the year!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Prepare For The Holidays

The holiday season is upon us. Are you ready with the shipping supplies you need for this busy time of year? ShippingSupply.com carries all the supplies you need to make the holiday season run seamlessly. Whether you’re shipping products out or packaging up items at a brick and mortar store, we have the supplies you need to make the holiday season go smoothly.

We carry a wide range of corrugated boxes to suit your needs. There’s way too many to list them all here, but we’ll give you some highlights. All of our corrugated boxes are durable cartons designed to safely move your product from point A to point B. We carry gift boxes and apparel boxes for packaging in-store. We have all types of boxes for shipping products, whether those products are large, small, or oddly shaped. Shop now to get all the corrugated boxes you need for the holidays.

If you’re looking for something smaller to do your shipping in, or for something designed for specific products such as literature or audio materials, then corrugated mailers are perfect for you. We carry a large selection of corrugated mailers to give you the perfect fit for your items. We even offer corrugated displays in case you have a storefront and have items you want to sell at the register or on other counters.

Make your packaging stand out with premium quality tissue paper. The special dye resists both bleeding and fading, giving you a product that will be cheery and bright for the entire season. We carry tissue paper in a number of colors, including colors that are complimentary to the holiday season. Some examples include white, blue, red, and green. We also carry tissue paper assortment packs so you don’t have to buy each color individually!

Efficiently package items in a retail setting with our wide range of paper bags. Need paper shopping bags? Merchandise bags? Hardware bags? We carry them all and more. All of our paper bags are 100% recyclable and re-usable. These heavy-duty, durable bags resist punctures and tearing. Whether you’re looking for a flat bag or a bag with handles that is capable of standing up, you will find it when you shop with us.

Crinkle paper is a great packing material for gifts. It helps to protect items from damage during transport, and it is festive! We carry many different colors for all sorts of occasions. We even have a Christmas blend, specifically made for the holidays. Click the link above to browse additional solid colors and blends of Crinkle paper. You will receive 10 pounds of Crinkle paper per case; plenty to help you out during the busiest shopping season of the year!

These are just a few of the many items you can invest in to prepare for the holiday season. We have plenty of items for both retail settings and ecommerce. Don’t wait! Get the holiday shipping products you need, today!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Halloween Costumes From Shipping Supplies Part 2

Last year we brought you a blog post with some great costumes you could make using shipping supplies. This year, we’re bringing you even more costume ideas, only this time you have all month to get the costumes together!

Popcorn- Materials: Corrugated box, red paint, tissue paper.

For this costume you’ll want a tall box that you will be able to stand in. If you can find a white corrugated box to begin with, all you need to do is paint on red stripes like a popcorn box. If you don’t, you’ll have to paint the entire box white first.  Once the lines are painted and you’ve painted on the word “popcorn”, crumple up tissue paper and glue it to the top of the box where your head will be. Don’t forget to cut out arm and leg holes of course!

Legos- Materials: Corrugated box, yogurt cups, paint

Like almost any costume requiring a corrugated box, you’ll have to cut holes for your arms, legs, etc. Beyond that, it’s actually a very easy costume to make. Attach yogurt cups to the front of the box in the Lego pattern you desire, then paint the entire thing in the color of your choosing. Wear pants and long-sleeves in the same color as the paint for a better effect.

Jellyfish- Materials: Clear umbrella, bubble wrap, construction paper

This costume is extremely easy to make. First you’re going to have to get a clear umbrella. Next you want to cut out long, thin strips of bubble wrap and attach these to the perimeter of your umbrella. These create the tentacles. You can then use construction paper to create eyes to attach to your umbrella. You do have to hold the umbrella the entire evening, but it makes for a great costume!

Bumblebee- Materials: Black clothing, yellow Duct tape

This costume is also extremely easy to make and requires almost no explanation. All you have to do is make yellow stripes with your Duct tape on black clothing. Yep, that simple.

We hope that you like these new costume ideas! Have a great Halloween!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Moving – DIY or Moving Boxes

So you are moving to a new home. Congratulations! Moving is a huge event in a person’s life, whether it is a move to a dorm for university, a move to a new apartment, or a move to a first house. No matter where you are moving to, you’re going to have a lot of important items that go with you. The next question is do you pack your items up in boxes you collect from your basement and grocery stores, or do you invest in moving boxes? There are a few questions you need to ask yourself when making this decision.

How much time do you want to save? Investing in moving boxes will save you significant amounts of time. Why is this? Because you don’t have to call multiple stores and make multiple trips to find all of the boxes you’re going to need. It is unlikely that a single store will have enough boxes to allow you to move. By using professional moving boxes, you can take inventory of how many boxes you will need, order them online, and wait for them to arrive.

How much money do you want to save? There is simply no denying that using boxes from local stores is going to be cheaper than shopping for boxes online. If you are on a tight budget when it comes to your move, browsing for free box options is likely the way to go. There are ways to keep the costs down, though, when it comes to moving boxes. If you have some time before your move you can keep an eye out for sales to make buying boxes more affordable. Something else to keep in mind is that you can find economy moving boxes and deluxe moving boxes, so shopping wisely may keep moving boxes in your budget.

Are you worried about keeping fragile items safe? There are many types of moving boxes on the market. Many of these boxes have been designed specifically to keep fragile items safe while in transit. For example, dish pack boxes are made to safely transport your dishes from point A to point B. A standard box you get from a store is not made to keep fragile items safe and will require extra padding and void fill.

How secure are you in the structure of DIY boxes? The strength of boxes will greatly differ depending on where you get the boxes from. A box from a grocery store may hold cans, or may hold lettuce. Obviously this disparity can make a big difference. If you’re trying to pack your books in a box that holds boxes of cereal, that box may not stand up to the abuse of heavy items such as books. If you shop for professional boxes you can select specific strengths of boxes that you need. If you choose to go with DIY boxes, make sure you test the strength of the box. You don’t want to pack a box full of dishes only to have it break under the weight and destroy all your dishes.

Whether you go with professional moving boxes or DIY boxes is completely up to you. We hope these questions will help you decide what types of boxes are right for you and your move. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Top Shipping Considerations

Is the way you handle shipping losing your business money without you even knowing it? Managing products, marketing, and customer service is likely on the forefront of your mind, but ignoring shipping can be a costly mistake. Read on for our tips to keep the costs of shipping down, as well as small ways to make your business actually profit from your shipments.

  •         You don’t have to settle for a standard corrugated box or bubble mailer. There are so many options when it comes to shipping supplies now! For example, computer packing boxes are specifically designed for shipping computers and computer accessories. CD mailers are perfect for sending out CDs. There’s so many options out there that will show your attention to detail, and make your products safer during shipping. A product that arrives in perfect condition due to the perfect packaging will receive better reviews, and lead to better business.
  •         Consider packaging your items in a way that will help them stand out. You may choose to order custom boxes with your company logo. If you can’t afford custom boxes for every product, why not use some type of custom label? There’s a lot you can do to stand out, which leads to more repeat customers.
  •         Keep in mind ways to save money on your shipping supplies. This has to go beyond just sales online, though they certainly help. Consider the shipping supplies themselves. Using the same sized box for every product actually loses money, because you are charged for shipping based on the size, weight, and destination of the package. Having a variety of supplies allows you to always choose the most economic box or mailer for your product.
  •        But no matter the price, never skimp on void fill and other cushioning items. It will be you that loses if your products are arriving to the customers in damaged condition. Make sure to budget for bubble wrap, loose fill, newsprint, or whatever type of void fill you choose to use!
  •         Use an inventory management system to keep track of how many shipping supplies you currently have. You don’t want to have business thriving, instruct a product to be packaged, and discover you’ve run out of the necessary supplies. Have a system to track the quantities of your supplies so orders never get backed up.

While it is important to monitor products and marketing, it is equally important to monitor your business’s shipping habits. We hope this post was able to help! 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Use Shipping to Build Your Brand

If you do a lot of shipping, it is likely that you have a lot of online customers. It is possible that you have no brick and mortar location and rely on the internet for all of your sales. This is great, but customers can be quick to switch between online businesses. There are many strategies you can use to keep their attention on you, but you may not have considered how your shipping can be a big impact as well.

Be sure to package everything well. This is, of course, your biggest priority when it comes to items you are shipping. We already wrote a blog post about packaging properly, so check that out if you need a refresher. So why is this important? It’s not just important because you need your products to arrive in good condition, but because you want your customers to see that you know what you’re doing. If you ship out a product using the wrong packaging materials, customers may not trust you to ship them products again, even if the product arrived safely. Check out our packaging supplies guide for more details about choosing the right supplies for the job.

Make your packaging stand out. This doesn’t mean that your box or mailer has to be a bold color, though it certainly can be. Glamour bubble mailers, for example, are sure to grab your customer’s attention. But you can also add a company label that clearly showcases your brand. Ideally, your customers will receive a package and know it is from you.

Make it easy. Have a receipt printed and easy to spot inside the packaging. Include a phone number your customers can call if they have any concerns. You may also choose to include information about returns. While this may seem like it is encouraging customers to send something back, it is the opposite. Customers will appreciate having the information right in front of them in case something is wrong, versus having to check all over your site or give customer service a call. You really don’t want negative reviews due to issues with your products.

Add incentive to return. There is a multitude of ways to do this. The easiest way to do this is to include some type of coupon for a future purchase. This can be a general coupon or, even better, specified to the type of product your customer just bought. Including information leading to a survey, with a chance at a prize, is another great way to get feedback and keep your customer’s attention. Drawing a customer back in is incredibly important, especially in e-commerce.

Include information about your website, social media presence, etc. This may be included on paperwork or some type of flyer. It will remind your customer of your website and point them towards social media. This is also a great way to ask them to sign up for an email newsletter. Making a connection in the digital world is extremely important, so use this opportunity to do so.

Make it personal. This is probably the easiest step of all. Simply including a note, handwritten or not, is a great way to show you appreciate your customer’s business. Depending on the industry you may even choose to include a free sample. This really stands out and will make you stand out as a company.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Right Poly Bag is Waiting

Poly bags are widely used across a multitude of industries. This versatile item can be used for packaging needs, whether those are shipping or retail. The only downside to this is that finding the right poly bags for your specific needs can feel overwhelming. Luckily we’re here to help.

The first thing you have to consider when it comes to purchasing poly bags is that poly bags come in multiple styles. Selecting the right style for your needs is extremely important. Some poly bags are designed with more protection than others.

Flat poly bags are cost-effective and can be used to show off the contents of the bag. They’re great for shipping flat items such as documents. A flat poly bag will provide some protection from dust and dirt as well. A gusseted poly bag is perfect for items that are shaped irregularly. That is because a gusseted poly bag will expand when something is put into it. This creates almost a custom bag, as the bag will become fitted around whatever is inside. While these bags are generally closed with twist ties, you may also invest in recloseable poly bags. These can be re-used, which is ideal for some industries. Recloseable poly bags may use a slider or pinch closed mechanism. Anti-static poly bags are great for shipping electronics. These bags will protect products not only from dirt, but from static build up. And of course, you can always find colored poly bags, which are great for a multitude of reasons. Not only do they prevent your product from being seen, they can be used for branding, to make your company stand out, and to keep your products better organized.

This of course doesn’t account for more custom poly bags, such as garment bags or furniture covers. Poly bags come in all shapes and sizes, including tubing and sheeting to make it easier for you to get exactly what you need. Once you have a style selected, it’s time to figure out what strength you need.

Poly bags generally come in some type of Mil. A “Mil” is one thousandth of an inch and is used to measure the thickness of the bag. A higher Mil means your poly bag can hold more. Generally you will find poly bags with a Mil of 1-6. 1 Mil is lightweight and best used for temporary storage, though it can also be used for very lightweight items such as documents. The most popular thickness is 2 Mils, which is great for shipping clothing and light parts. If you need more protection you’ll want to upgrade to 3 Mil poly bags, which are often used by kit manufacturers and the healthcare industry. If you need to ship hardware and industrial parts, you’re better off with 4 Mil poly bags, as they offer more protection. And, if you need a very strong poly bag, invest in one with a strength of 6 Mil. This strength of bag protects against punctures and tears and is most often used for parts and metal objects.

We hope that these guidelines will make it easier for you to choose the right poly bags for you. You can follow this link to browse our large selection of poly bags to find the perfect ones for your company.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Box Buying Guide

There’s tons of options for corrugated boxes out there. This allows you to find the exact box that is perfect for your needs. What this also means is that it can be easy to get overwhelmed with so many selections. Because of this we’ve put together this handy guide to help you narrow down what boxes you should be considering.

There are some important factors to consider when you are purchasing a box. The biggest one? How heavy the contents of your box are going to be. Here are our guidelines. Please note these are only recommendations. Be sure when packaging your products that the weight is always distributed evenly.

Up to 65 lb.        200#/ECT-32 Single-Wall Corrugated
66 lb. – 95 lb.     275#/ECT-44 Single-Wall Corrugated
96 lb. – 100 lb.   275#/ECT-48 Double-Wall Corrugated

The dimensions of the box you need may seem obvious, but keep one thing in mind. If you are shipping products that are going to require cushioning, purchase a box which allows for 2” – 3” of extra space on all sides. This includes above and below the product. Doing this means you can use bubble products, foam products, or whatever other type of void fill you want to keep your product safe during shipping.

Not only are there different sizes and strengths when it comes to boxes, but there are different types as well. Fixed Depth Boxes are the standard cartons you are probably used to. Most of them will meet mailing and shipping specifications. These will work well for most of your shipping needs. HeavyDuty Boxes are 40% stronger than your standard shipping container. They provide your products with greater protection and have higher stacking strength. Multi-Depth Boxes are prescored, meaning you can easily adjust them to fit your specific needs. You can simply cut to the height you need, meaning each of these boxes can be customized. Moving Boxes are specifically designed to meet moving needs. Many of them come with pre-printed instructions. They come in many styles to make any move easier.

You can also narrow your box search even further. Computerboxes, file storage boxes, side loading boxes…there’s tons of specific options for people in specific industries.

We hope this guide has been some help to you. The perfect box is out there waiting, so go find it!  

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Upcycle Shipping Supplies

In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, we want to provide you with some great ways to upcycle your shipping supplies that you may not have ever thought of! We all have to live on this planet, so it is important we all do our part to keep it as healthy as possible. Instead of simply trashing old shipping supplies, find a way to make them useful again!

·        Use old shipping materials for crafts. There are countless craft projects on the internet that use recycled materials such as cardboard, bubble wrap, newsprint, and more. A simple Google search will give you thousands of results. If you have kids, doing a craft from recycled materials is a great way to introduce them to Earth Day!
·        Save shipping boxes for storage. This can be storage in your basement, storage while you move, or even to store a gift! Boxes are designed to ship items, so they work great for holding and storing items, whether they are in transit or not.
·        Speaking of shipping boxes, use shipping boxes more than once! This isn’t in good taste for a major company, but it’s a great idea for the average consumer. After receiving your product hold on to that box so next time you have to send a package you have one on hand.
·        Hold on to your poly bags for next time you go on vacation. Poly bags can keep small electronics safe from water, keep smaller items organized, or keep specific items separated from each other. Poly bags protect items from dirt and moisture, so anything you need safe from dirt will be safe in a poly bag.
·        Don’t pop that old bubble wrap! Bubble wrap is a great item to use to cushion your fragile possessions. That may be while you go on a trip, while you move, or while items are in storage.
·        Use old shipping supplies as costumes. Use them for Halloween, for a birthday party, or even just for kids to play dress-up! We did a post on how to use packing supplies as costumes back in October. You can find it here.
·        Corrugated boxes can be upcycled to just about anything you can imagine. Use it for organization. Transform it into a toy box for your kids. Make it into signs for an upcoming rummage sale. There’s too many options to list in just one blog post!
·        If you’ve run out of options when it comes to upcycling, make sure you still recycle any shipping supplies you can. Recycling can dramatically reduce waste across the planet.

It may be tempting to just toss shipping supplies you no longer need. Instead, find a way that you can re-use these materials and help the environment in the process. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Packaging Supplies Guide

Shipping products sounds fairly straightforward. You receive an order, you pack up the product, and send it on its way. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. When packing and shipping products, you must do it with care. No customer is going to be happy if they receive a damaged good. Even if the items you ship arrive in perfect condition, if your product is shipped poorly and sloppily, the customer will likely think you are unprofessional and may not shop with you again. For both these reasons, shipping must be taken very seriously, and you must always choose the right packaging materials for the job.

We’ve put together this quick guide to help you find which packing materials go best with what type of products. The right materials can make a big difference when it comes to how your company is viewed.

When it comes to boxes, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First off, you need to choose the correct size of box for the job. You do not want there to be too much void space for filling, but you also don’t want it to be such a tight fit that there’s no room for void fill at all. Another important tip to keep in mind is that there are many shapes and strengths of corrugated boxes. Some boxes are designed for specific types of goods, which can be a great asset to you. Corrugated boxes also have different levels of strength. Heavy duty boxes, for example, are much stronger than the standard carton and are ideal for heavy weight products.

Bubble wrap is arguably the first thing that most people think of when they think about packing materials. Bubble wrap can be used to pack your most fragile items safely. It protects against shock, vibration, and abrasion. Examples of products you certainly want to use bubble wrap for include china, mirrors, artwork, glass products, electronics, and more. There’s multiple variations of bubble wrap so you can get the packaging that is best for your product. For example, anti-static bubble wrap provides static protection for your electronics.

Foam can offer much of the same protection as bubble wrap with several differences. The first is that it is thinner, so there will be a smaller cushion between your product and the carton it is being shipped in. Foam is also very flexible, so it can be wrapped in strange and unusual shapes easily. This also makes it great for fill around the edges and corners of boxes. It can be harder to wrap foam around products, though, but its protection is still ideal for a wide variety of delicate items.   

Loose fill is designed to protect products from all sides during shipping. The even distribution of loose fill is great for impact resistance and shock absorption. The biggest problem you’ll run into with loose fill is that it will not secure your items within the box. Products may still shift during shipping. For this reason it is best to use loose fill for products that still need protection, but are not very fragile.

Kraft paper does not offer the same shock absorption of other packaging materials, but it is still useful when it comes to shipping. It makes for great void fill to stop products from being jostled against the side of corrugated boxes. Strangely shaped items can benefit from being wrapped in Kraft paper, as can less fragile items such as movies, CDs, and more. As with many types of packaging supplies, there are multiple options available when it comes to Kraft paper, including options that are made only from recycled materials.

Make sure next time you’re shipping you’re shipping using the correct materials. It only takes a few negative reviews for you to start seeing a dip in your sales. Invest wisely!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Big Box Savings

Starting tomorrow, ShippingSupply.com has a fantastic sale going on. We’re placing our most popular category on sale! From February 3rd through February 9th, 2016, you will receive 12% off corrugated boxes with the code SALE12. Corrugated boxes are an extremely versatile item. They can be used for much more than shipping, and come in all sorts of styles that many people don’t even seem to know about. Today we’re going to feature some of our favorite styles of corrugated boxes.

Moving Boxes & Supplies are perfect to fit your moving needs. We have all sorts of boxes that are
perfect for different items you need to pack away. Just a few examples of this includes dish packing boxes, lamp boxes, wardrobe boxes, picture frame boxes, combo packs, and more. These different types of boxes are specifically designed for different household needs. Easily pack and move difficult to pack items by shopping for the combination of boxes you need.

Multi-Depth Boxes allow you to have multiple box sizes with just one carton. The boxes are scored
at intervals on the sides of the box. All you need to do to get the size box you need is cut to the desired height. These handy boxes are great to help you keep your inventory down while allowing you to have the sizes you need. Follow the link to see the various dimensions we offer. We’re sure at least one of them will be what you are looking for.

Computer Packing Boxes help you to pack and ship computers safely. This isn’t just for computers,
but computer accessories as well. Ship desktop computers, laptops, keyboards, and more with these durable corrugated cartons. We offer these boxes in multiple dimensions to fit multiple computer sizes. Computers are of course very fragile, so even with these specially designed boxes make sure you pack them properly.

Telescoping Boxes are adjustable 2-piece sets that you can use for oddly shaped items that are
anywhere from 48” to 90” in length. To make a set, you will need to purchase an inner box and an outer box (sold separately). All these boxes have a full over lap bottom for additional strength. Some products that need to be shipped require something special, and that’s just what these boxes deliver! Browse our multiple sizes to find the carton that is a perfect fit for you.

Insulated Shipping Containers & Supplies are designed so you may safely ship perishable items
such as medical supplies and food. Insulation helps to maintain a specific temperature range inside the shipping container. These containers also have a foam insert to prevent items from being damaged. Not only that, but our insulated shipping containers are reusable, so you can use them again and again! Mix them with our supplies such as ice packs and you have a carton that cannot fail!

That’s just a sample of some of the boxes we have that our customers may not always think about. Browse our site to see all our options, and don’t forget the code SALE12! It’s only good for one week.