Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How to Go Green with Shipping Supplies

There is no doubt that the environment is struggling. Air and water pollution, plastics that won’t decompose, and vanishing resources are all problems we are facing across the world. Many changes to improve the environment have to come from a systematic level, but there are things we can do as businesses and individuals to make improvements to the environment. That is why ShippingSupply.com carries a selection of environmentally friendly products.

Today we’re going to feature some of those products for you to choose from. These featured items are by no means our only environmentally-friendly products, so next time you’re shopping keep your eyes peeled, and consider buying shipping supplies that are good for the environment.

Packing List Envelopes

We have a few different choices for you when it comes to environmentally friendly packing list envelopes. They are made from 100% recycled green tinted polyethylene. They are even manufactured using solar energy. Using recycled materials reduces the amount of waste on our planet, and solar energy is renewable, cutting back on the use of finite resources. We carry Environmental Clear Face Document Envelopes, Document Envelopes, and Packing List Enclosed Envelopes. Various sizes of all these envelopes are available. These envelopes are an easy way to make a positive impact on the environment.

Loose Fill

Loose fill is messy, gets everywhere, and can be very bad for the environment. But it is also great void fill for when you are shipping your products. Luckily you can still use this great product, guilt-free, when you choose an environmentally friendly alternative. We have recycled industrial loose fill, which is made from green recycled polystyrene, and biodegradable loose fill, which is made from corn starch and dissolves in water without leaving toxic waste behind. What’s great about this environmentally friendly loose fill is that it is not much more expensive than its non-environmentally friendly counterparts, and it works just as well.

Recycled Wood Pallets

Pallets are necessary for storing, protecting, and moving your products. As they are so essential, why not do something simple to make them environmentally friendly? Choose a recycled wood pallet instead of one made from new wood. They are, of course, made from recycled wood which is tough, durable, stackable, and of course reusable. And if nothing else, recycled wood pallets are actually less expensive than those made from new wood. For example, a 48” x 40” new wood pallet is $184.68 while a recycled one is $137.30. So not only are you helping the environment, you are saving money in the process!  

Bogus Craft Paper Rolls

This soft economical void fill is much more environmentally friendly than typical Kraft paper rolls. These Bogus craft paper rolls are made from a combination of recycled fibers and newsprint, versus the traditional materials. There’s plenty of options available, so we’re sure you’ll find the right size to suit your needs. The prices are perfectly affordable, so this doesn’t make for an expensive alternative. It can be a great option if you are looking to make your company greener.

Newsprint Rolls

If you’re looking for something other than a Kraft Paper alternative, Newsprint Rolls are perfect! The price is low, making it a great economic option. The rolls come in a variety of sizes so we’re sure you’ll find the right one to suit your needs. This newsprint is made from 100% recycled materials, making it a great option for helping the environment. The paper is clean and unprinted, so it makes for a nice void fill while shipping or wrapping up products.

Kraft Paper Sheets

You can use Kraft Paper Sheets, which are pre-cut sheets designed to make it easier and more uniform to pack up items. It is sold in large bundles and best of all, the materials are 100% recycled. These sheets look crisp and are durable, making them great for packaging your products. Plenty of sizes and types of this paper is available, so don’t hesitate to get to our website and take a look around. The environment will thank you for it.

Utility Kraft Flat Mailers

You will save money on shipping and help the environment at the same time with Utility Kraft Flat Mailers. They are made from 100% recycled paperboard, and are 100% recyclable. They have excellent features such as a pressure sensitive closure. They’re great for photographs and documents. Easy to use, affordable, and environmentally friendly.

Bubble Mailers

Not all of our bubble mailers are completely environmentally friendly, but if you look around on our website you can certainly find some. This is ideal because bubble mailers are used so often when it comes to shipping smaller products. We try to stock a large selection of bubble mailers that are made with a recycled paper exterior without losing the durability you and your customers expect from this great shipping product.

These are just a few examples of our environmentally friendly products. It is all of our responsibilities to keep the environment safe, so consider doing your part by using some of these products for your business!