Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Wrapping Tricks

If you celebrate Christmas, then it’s no surprise that the holiday is nearly here. Have you finished wrapping all of your gifts yet? Not only that, but do you have curious children or friends and family that can easily guess you gift just from looking at it or touching the wrapped parcel? If so, we have some wrapping methods that will help you disguise your gifts until your friends and family have them unwrapped.

1.      Place items in boxes that don’t match the boxes’ content. Placing a sweater inside a clothing box is easily guessed. Try instead to wrap your sweaters in a cube-shaped box or a long box. You may place books or DVDS in media boxes or literature cartons. Instead, place them in clothing boxes. The shape alone is sure to confuse some of your recipients.

2.      Make step 1 even more efficient. If you place a video game in a clothing box, the recipient may know it is not a clothing item by shaking the box. There is an easy fix for this. Fill the box with something that can cushion the product. Great examples include bubble wrap, tissue paper, newsprint, and loose fill.

3.      Place items in a basket and wrap layers of tissue paper around the basket. This type of gift cannot be shaken and doesn’t retain the shape of the present, so it will be impossible for people to guess it.

4.      Combine your gift cards with small items from the location of the gift card. We have some examples for you. Giving a gift card to a bookstore? Buy the recipient a book or journal from the shop and tape the gift card in the front page. Giving a gift card to a movie theater? Attach it to a bag of popcorn. This is a fun way to present your gift cards, versus just placing them inside a card.

5.      If all else fails, go with the classic gift bag.

We hope these tips help you with your Christmas wrapping. Happy Holidays!