Thursday, August 18, 2016

Top Shipping Considerations

Is the way you handle shipping losing your business money without you even knowing it? Managing products, marketing, and customer service is likely on the forefront of your mind, but ignoring shipping can be a costly mistake. Read on for our tips to keep the costs of shipping down, as well as small ways to make your business actually profit from your shipments.

  •         You don’t have to settle for a standard corrugated box or bubble mailer. There are so many options when it comes to shipping supplies now! For example, computer packing boxes are specifically designed for shipping computers and computer accessories. CD mailers are perfect for sending out CDs. There’s so many options out there that will show your attention to detail, and make your products safer during shipping. A product that arrives in perfect condition due to the perfect packaging will receive better reviews, and lead to better business.
  •         Consider packaging your items in a way that will help them stand out. You may choose to order custom boxes with your company logo. If you can’t afford custom boxes for every product, why not use some type of custom label? There’s a lot you can do to stand out, which leads to more repeat customers.
  •         Keep in mind ways to save money on your shipping supplies. This has to go beyond just sales online, though they certainly help. Consider the shipping supplies themselves. Using the same sized box for every product actually loses money, because you are charged for shipping based on the size, weight, and destination of the package. Having a variety of supplies allows you to always choose the most economic box or mailer for your product.
  •        But no matter the price, never skimp on void fill and other cushioning items. It will be you that loses if your products are arriving to the customers in damaged condition. Make sure to budget for bubble wrap, loose fill, newsprint, or whatever type of void fill you choose to use!
  •         Use an inventory management system to keep track of how many shipping supplies you currently have. You don’t want to have business thriving, instruct a product to be packaged, and discover you’ve run out of the necessary supplies. Have a system to track the quantities of your supplies so orders never get backed up.

While it is important to monitor products and marketing, it is equally important to monitor your business’s shipping habits. We hope this post was able to help!