Friday, October 7, 2016

Halloween Costumes From Shipping Supplies Part 2

Last year we brought you a blog post with some great costumes you could make using shipping supplies. This year, we’re bringing you even more costume ideas, only this time you have all month to get the costumes together!

Popcorn- Materials: Corrugated box, red paint, tissue paper.

For this costume you’ll want a tall box that you will be able to stand in. If you can find a white corrugated box to begin with, all you need to do is paint on red stripes like a popcorn box. If you don’t, you’ll have to paint the entire box white first.  Once the lines are painted and you’ve painted on the word “popcorn”, crumple up tissue paper and glue it to the top of the box where your head will be. Don’t forget to cut out arm and leg holes of course!

Legos- Materials: Corrugated box, yogurt cups, paint

Like almost any costume requiring a corrugated box, you’ll have to cut holes for your arms, legs, etc. Beyond that, it’s actually a very easy costume to make. Attach yogurt cups to the front of the box in the Lego pattern you desire, then paint the entire thing in the color of your choosing. Wear pants and long-sleeves in the same color as the paint for a better effect.

Jellyfish- Materials: Clear umbrella, bubble wrap, construction paper

This costume is extremely easy to make. First you’re going to have to get a clear umbrella. Next you want to cut out long, thin strips of bubble wrap and attach these to the perimeter of your umbrella. These create the tentacles. You can then use construction paper to create eyes to attach to your umbrella. You do have to hold the umbrella the entire evening, but it makes for a great costume!

Bumblebee- Materials: Black clothing, yellow Duct tape

This costume is also extremely easy to make and requires almost no explanation. All you have to do is make yellow stripes with your Duct tape on black clothing. Yep, that simple.

We hope that you like these new costume ideas! Have a great Halloween!