Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Holiday Wrapping Products

The holiday season is nearly here. Now is the best time to stock up on supplies for wrapping! Don’t wait until the last minute. Doing that will only result in lots of stress while you're waiting for your supplies, plus you could be left wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve. Get your items now to avoid that! Today we’re going to feature some of our favorite wrapping items for you to use this season.

What better way is there to show the holiday spirit in your packaging? This red tissue paper is made with special dyes, making it resistant to fading and bleeding. This popping red color is sure to remind people of stockings, Santa Claus, and more! With soft texture on both sides, this seasonal tissue paper is a great item to use to package and wrap gifts. Not only that, but leftover paper can be saved for Valentine’s Day in February!

Much like our red tissue paper, this green tissue paper will add some festivity to your wrapping. Like the red paper, this green tissue paper also resists fading and bleeding. You can even choose to pair it when the red tissue paper! This tissue paper is great for wrapping gifts, packing into boxes, and packing into bags. You will get 480 pieces per case when you purchase this item.

These holiday red gift boxes are great for the holidays for a number of reasons! First off, in terms of hiding the identity of your gift, a box is the right way to go. Add padding, and it will be very difficult for the recipient to guess what the gift might be! In fact, you can use these red boxes as an excuse not to wrap at all. No messy paper, tape, or cleanup! If you’re shipping gifts across the country, these boxes add some festive flair. You can’t go wrong with these boxes. Also available in additional sizes.

Looking to add extra appeal to your gift this year? These precious metal shreds are perfect to do just that! They add a beautiful festive sparkle to your gift while also cushioning your product at the same time! These precious metal shreds are sure to make your package seem more upscale. You can get it in a variety of holiday colors including red, green, and silver!

Add fun color and unique texture to your gift and packaging with this Christmas Blend Crinkle Paper! This crinkle paper offers a combination of green and red paper. It’s sure to get people’s attention! Use this blend of paper in gift boxes, bags, or even baskets! And don’t worry, because if you don’t like the Christmas blend you can purchase our crinkle paper in many other colors!

There you have it! We hope this sample of products will get you excited for the holidays.