Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Quick Halloween Costumes using Shipping Supplies

Halloween is fast approaching. Have you purchased a costume for you or your child yet? Halloween costumes can get expensive, and sometimes you find Halloween is days away and you have no costume! But don’t worry, because you can make your own simple but fun Halloween costume at home with items you already own! The type of materials you will be using include boxes, tape, and paint. So go ahead and read on for some great costume ideas!

Rubik’s Cube- Materials: Corrugated box, black electrical tape, and paint

You will need a large, cube shaped box for this. Start by cutting holes into the box where you will be standing and where your arms will need to be free. Once the base is assembled use black electrical tape to map out the small, individual cubes on the box. When this is finished you can paint each small cube the color you desire!

Mummy- Materials: White clothing, white Duct tape

Choose white clothing that you don’t mind losing to this Halloween project, then wrap the white Duct tape around the clothing items to look like a wrap. For the head, use a ski mask and wrap Duct tape around that. This will stay in place more easily than gauze while still being recognizable!

Robot- Materials: Corrugated Box, paint, dryer vents, aluminum foil

To start with, follow the same steps as you did with the Rubik’s cube, cutting in space for you to stand, place your arms through, etc. After this is complete, paint your box a grey/silver color like a robot. Your creativity can take this costume anywhere, but we recommend dryer vents for the arms, grey pants for the legs, and aluminum foil around an existing pair of shoes. The face and buttons of the robot is up to you. You may choose to create a silver hat, use a second box as a head, make buttons from paint, paper, tape…the possibilities are endless!

 Jack in the Box- Materials: Corrugated Box, paint and markers, clothing pieces (for Jack)

Just like the rubik’s cube and robot, start by cutting out an area to stand in of the box. With this costume you will not want to make a space for your arms to stick out of the box. Instead, they should be above the top of the box. Once this is finished it is time to decorate your box! You can paint it any color you wish, and write “Jack in the Box” on the front. Feel free to add other decorations to the box to liven it up. For this costume to work, you must also dress up in an outfit akin to a jester. You’ll want some colorful clothing and a floppy hat. Consider adding some clown makeup as well!

Where’s Waldo- Materials: Clothing (white shirt, hat, and jeans), red duct tape

You can easily portray this classic character in just a few minutes! First put on your favorite pair of blue jeans. Next, take a long sleeved white shirt and use red Duct tape to make stripes on it. Do the same with a white winter hat, and you have a recognizable costume ready to go!

Barbie- Materials: Corrugated Box, paint, clothing (for Barbie)

This costume will take a bit more cutting. First, take your corrugated box and cut in an area for you to stand in. Next, you will need to cut a “window” out of one side of the box, so your head and body can be seen. Please note that your entire body, besides your legs for walking, should be inside the box. Make sure to leave sections of the front of your box so you may paint and write on it. Next, paint the box pink and write “Barbie” on the box. When inside the box, dress up in fashionable, fun clothes to get the Barbie look!

Stick Figure- Materials: White clothing, white paper plates, black electrical tape

Start off with a wardrobe of all white, including a long sleeved shirt, pants, and shoes. From here, use one piece of tape to make an outline of the body. This includes one line down the shirt, a line down each of the sleeves, and a line down each of the pant legs. Next make a mask out of a paper plate, with holes for eyes and a smile made out of tape. Just like that you have a fun, unique costume!

We hope you enjoyed reading about these costume ideas. Give them a try! None of these take too many materials or too much time. Happy Halloween!