Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Properly Pack and Ship

Whether you are used to shipping items or new to the business, it is always good to take a refresher on the proper way to pack, ship, and send out products. This month, we’re going to explain how to prepare your items for shipping.

The first step you must take is to choose what type of packaging you will be using to ship your items. This varies greatly depending on what exactly you are sending. A corrugated box may work best, and is most common when it comes to shipping. Other options include bubble mailers, mailing tubes, and much more. You should try to use new shipping containers whenever possible. Not only that, but be sure the container you choose is sized to the product you are sending, as well as strong enough to support its weight. It’s very easy to test the strength of a shipping container and check the dimensions to avoid errors while packing you items.

When packing your products to be shipped, you must be sure to include the appropriate padding protection. Parcels can face some rough treatment while in transit, so it is important you protect the items you are sending. You can do this in multiple ways. If you are sending multiple items in one shipping container, make sure each is wrapped separately. You must also make sure the item you are shipping is protected from the walls of the shipping container. You should use enough cushioning in your shipping container that the item you are shipping does not shift very much, if at all. Good choices for cushioning your items includes bubble wrap, loose fill, foam, and more!

Next, make sure you close your shipping container tightly. You don’t want the shipping container to open while in transit. How you do this really depends on what you are shipping, though tape is the most common way.

The last step is no less important than the others…label everything correctly! You want to be sure you have the correct address on your label, as well as your correct return address. Incorrect labeling creates huge headaches when you are trying to send stuff out.

We hope these tips can be of some help. Check back every month for shipping tips, information on our latest sales, and more!