Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Today is bubble wrap appreciation day! There are all sorts of types of bubble wrap to suit everyone’s needs. At we have a large selection of bubble wrap. Shop standard air bubble rolls, dispenser packs, anti-static bubble products, and much more!

But everyone knows about the standard use of bubble wrap. It is an economic way to protect items that you are shipping. It can be used in mailers, corrugated boxes, and more. But there are other ways bubble wrap can be useful too. Read on to discover what to do with your leftover bubble wrap!

  • Insulate Windows: Winter can be rough on your heating bill, especially if you have older windows. Some people use plastic, but bubble wrap works just as well! Keep the drafts out, the warmth in, and the heating bill down.

  • Pad Sleeping Bags: Sleeping bags are a great invention, but sleeping on the ground can still be uncomfortable. Place a mat of bubble wrap under your sleeping back for additional padding while camping.

  • Protect Produce: It is common to keep produce in a drawer in the fridge, and it is also common for this storage method to bruise said produce. Line your drawer with bubble wrap to prevent this. It also makes cleaning the fridge easier…simply remove the bubble wrap and replace it!

  • Take on Vacation: We often pick up souvenirs while on vacation, and often those souvenirs can be breakable. Add extra protection for the trip home by bringing bubble wrap.

  • Protect Perishables in Travel: If you’re taking a dish to a dinner party, bringing home leftovers, etc, then a good way to keep items from spoiling on the way is to wrap them in bubble wrap to keep food insulated.

  • Cover Windshields: If you hate scraping snow and ice from windshields in the winter, simply put a sheet of bubble wrap over the windows. In the morning removed the bubble wrap and head to work!

  • Get Crafty:  There’s tons of crafts and silly activities out there that require bubble wrap. Make a dress out of it. Use it as a unique paintbrush. A simple Google search will yield all sorts of results. Get searching and have fun!

 And there you have it! These unique ways to use bubble wrap may not be traditional, but they are useful and fun. Enjoy bubble wrap appreciation day!