Thursday, September 25, 2014

Celebrate the End of September

The end of September is rapidly approaching. is celebrating the ending of this month with a sale on a basic necessity that every person needs…tape! This week save 10% off all tape!

Tape is so essential that people may often forget about it until it is too late. Don’t let that happen to you, especially because right now we have this amazing deal going on!

There are many kinds of tape for many different types of uses. This week we will feature some of those different types of tape, though it will by no means be all of them. For that, you’ll have to browse our site directly. But to show you the variety we have available, see our examples below.


Double sided tape is good for many different things, and this isn’t only double sided, but made with foam! You will receive 1,000 pieces of tape per case.


This is just one example of the paper tape that we have to offer. It comes in multiple dimensions to meet all of our customer’s needs. Browse to find the tape for you.

We have many subcategories within this main category for you to search through. To get full details on these items, choose the subcategory you are interested in.


This is another type of tape in which there are multiple subcategories. Our safety tape comes in multiple colors, some reflective, and some not. Check them all out, today!


This is a more common tape that a lot of people are familiar with. Buy it with us to get a discount with your purchase! Don't wait and get shopping, today!

And there are many, many more types of tape available on our site. So don’t wait. You can’t get this sale in your local store. This may be a basic item, but it also an essential one. Business doesn’t run smoothly without your base items so make sure you have them on hand.

As usual, that is not the only deal we have. That’s right, it is time to feature our deal of the day!

These chipboard mailers are strong and will protect items such as documents and pictures during shipping. With these you won’t need to purchase envelope stiffeners! The peel and seal closure and pull tab for opening make them very easy to use. This deal only lasts today, so don’t wait!

Deal Price: $39.02
Normal: $43.35

You can find a new deal of the day every day on our Facebook page. We post one Monday through Friday, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Oh right! You probably want to know how to actually get this great deal, don’t you? During checkout you simply need to enter our promo code to get the sale. The code is SALE10

So what are you waiting for? Get shopping before the sale ends!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Big Deal

As we showed in a previous blog post, poly bags are a really big deal. And because they are a really big, is offering our customers a really big deal. This week save 15% off all poly bags!

Yes, you read that correctly. We are offering 15% off for a limited time. All you need is the promo code SALE15 to get this deal. Don’t wait though, because this discount is only running now through September 23rd! That doesn’t give you much time to shop our many options.

Are you a bit stuck while searching? We have two different resources for you that might be able to help. First, check out our buying guide. This buying guide will explain how to measure different types of poly bags, zipper bags, and gusseted bags. It also describes Mil strength and what strength is recommended for what type of items. This is a great tool for people who are new to buying poly bags. We also have our poly bag finder, which makes it easier to browse for the exact type of poly bags you need.

These resources make it easier than ever to shop with us. Use them today to make your shopping experience more efficient!

In addition to this deal, we have our deal of the day!

This item will protect palletized products from any strapping damage. Use it with steel or poly strapping. It is made from strong laminated fibreboard and can be reused in addition to being recyclable! Check it out before the price goes back up tomorrow!

Deal Price: $52.57
Normal: $58.41

You can find our deal of the day every single day on our Facebook page. And never miss out on one of our sales by signing up for our email newsletter. Well, that’s all we have for you this time. So go on, get browsing! Don’t forget these are limited time offers!

Until next week!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Save on Corrugated Boxes

Are you all ready for a great sale? A new season is unofficially here, and soon will be here officially as well! We’re celebrating with one of our most popular sales…12% off corrugated boxes!

That’s right! Shop and get 12% off all corrugated boxes, today! And getting this sale is very simple. Once you’ve finished browsing and are ready to buy, all you’ll need is the promo code SALE12. This will apply the discount to your purchase immediately. But don’t wait because this sale only runs from today through September 17th, 2014! 

We have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to corrugated boxes. Check out multi-depth boxes, heavy duty boxes, white corrugated boxes, tall boxes, and much, much more! Are you finding yourself overwhelmed by all your choices? We have this convenient box finder resource to help you out! Search by size, length, or category to find what you need. So don’t let this great deal pass you up and get shopping before the sale is over.

And speaking of deals, have you checked out our deal of the day? You can find it every day on our Facebook page. We post a deal every Monday through Friday. Today’s deal is:

Deal Price: $16.00
Normal: $17.78

Use these labels to boldly display warnings or instructions. These pressure sensitive labels are great to use on your shipments for added protection. You will receive 500 labels per roll. The warning on these labels will warn individuals to handle your goods with care.

That’s about it for this week. Keep checking back every week for the latest sales, products, and more!