Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ten Tips For Selling on Amazon

We’ve already posted about Amazon FBA Resources to help you more with the technicalities of selling your product on Amazon. But to have a successful business, you need to know more than the rules. That’s why we’re sharing with you our top ten tips for selling on Amazon.

1.      Sell items that other people are not selling on Amazon. With so many products available this can be difficult, but if you have a specific product that only you sell, it will stand out. This includes products that are similar to other products, but have features that those similar products do not. Being unique makes you stand out, which can lead to more sales.
2.      You aren’t doomed if you do sell the same products as many other sellers. Something you can do to stand out when this is the case is to bundle items. Say you sell popcorn makers, maybe the same brand as other sellers. Make it a bundle! Don’t just sell the popcorn maker, bundle in popcorn and popcorn seasoning to go with it, and price accordingly. When people are shopping and check who is selling the item they want, they will gravitate to bundles that also sell the other items they are probably going to buy along with that main item.
3.      The most obvious tip is to sell your items at the cheapest price compared to your competitors. This may not always be possible but if you can, it’s a great way to get more sales. What’s important about this is to have a good standing on Amazon. Even if your item is extremely cheap, if you don’t have good reviews or don’t have many reviews, people will probably pass you over for someone more established. So make sure to get that feedback!
4.      Make sure to answer customer inquiries quickly. This isn’t only because it is good customer service, but Amazon notices. When selling on Amazon, customer service is extremely important. Your account needs to be in good standing.
5.      Ask for feedback from your customers. Most customers do not review products after they receive them. As we’ve mentioned, feedback is extremely important to getting additional sales. There are services you can use that will send emails to your customers requesting feedback and asking if there was anything they were dissatisfied with. You’ll get more reviews with this email reminder, which only makes your business look better.
6.      Use quality, professional photos. This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people upload poor photos to advertise their product. If you’re not a photographer, hire one. Take multiple pictures of your item from different angles. Customers want to get a good look at the product they’re purchasing. If you don’t have good photos your business may be denied just because of that.
7.      Label and package your items correctly. This cannot be emphasized enough. Amazon has strict requirements that you need to follow. You want to use the correct materials to package, pack to ensure items will not be damaged, and make sure you’re meeting all of Amazon’s guidelines. Check out our Amazon FBA Resources post for more information about those guidelines, and take a look at the types of supplies you will need here. Make sure to follow the correct steps to avoid damage to the product, delays in shipping, and of course, penalty fees.
8.      Make sure your products can be found. This can be done in a number of ways. First off, you want your item to be connected to the correct attributes. To make sure this happen, you need to upload very accurate product information. You want to include as much information as you can, including a product title, description, search terms, color, size, and plenty of other categories. You’ll want to use SEO to your advantage. Include keywords you know your customer will be searching for. For customers to buy from you, they have to find you.
9.      Find a way to manage your inventory efficiently. You do not want to sell an item and discover you no longer have it in stock. Your customers will not be happy, and you can get penalized by Amazon. If you have items that sell, make sure you always have them in stock. If you don’t, your sales rank will start to fall fast, and that can be hard to recover from. Keep this in mind especially during the holiday season.

10.   Use discounts. Customers love discounts and so does Amazon. Offer a good enough discount and you could even end up on Amazon’s “Hot Deals” category which can generate huge amounts of traffic. You’re selling on Amazon, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use sales to your advantage. Plus customers who notice you have discounts will likely check your page again for more discounts.