Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Savings on Bubble Mailers

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It may surprise you to discover how many varieties of bubble mailers we have. For example, take a look at our Heat-Seal bubble Mailers, which come in packs of 25 all the way up to 500. Or what about our Self-Seal Bubble Mailers, crafted with your convenience in mind? Or perhaps you have a special customer. Maybe you really want to catch their attention. Or possibly, your product would simply fit well with a bit of flair. If that’s the case, try our Glamour Bubble Mailers. They’re unique, just like the items you need to be shipping.

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You may be wondering why we have so many varieties of bubble mailers. To put it simply, it is because bubble mailers are so diverse and essential when it comes to shipping. Not every product requires a box, and bubble mailers are a lightweight and safe way to send your products. Below we’ve compiled a list of 5 items that are perfect to ship using bubble mailers.

1.  Jewelry
Jewelry is often small and delicate, which is why a bubble mailer is the perfect way to ship it. A bubble mailer provides cushion to stop your items from being damaged. Even in a box, jewelry needs protection. The box is useless if it gets damaged during shipping.

2. Books
A book may seem protected with its cover, but it is surprisingly easy to damage one. Bubble mailers will protect the spine and pages during shipping so the book arrives in pristine condition. With so many sizes of bubble mailers it is easy to ship anything from small paperbacks to large hardcover books.

3. DVDS and Video Games
It is obvious that disks of any kind need extra protection. These things can be crushed, broken, and scratched by being handled wrong, and the recipient will not be pleased if they receive a DVD or game that doesn’t work. Bubble mailers are ideal for these types of products.

4. Cards
Trading cards can carry a lot of value, so it is important that they do not get damaged while in transit. Any damage can significantly reduce the value of a card.

5. Photographs
If you’re mailing a larger amount of photographs, a bubble mailer may be safer than a standard envelope. The cushioning will help prevent your photos from scratching and being bent.

There you have it! Make sure you check back next week for more deals. And speaking of deals, don’t forget to check our Facebook regularly for the Deal of the Day. Today’s deal is: 7 1/4" x 12" (No. 1) Jiffylite® Kraft Self-Seal Bubble Mailers.

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Friday, April 25, 2014

10% off Corrugated Boxes!

As you can imagine, with a name of we have all the types of products you need for your shipping materials. From tape to bubble wrap and poly bags, we have it all. And of course, one of the largest sections on our site is corrugated boxes.

We have over 900 sizes of corrugated boxes for you to choose from. Whether you’re sending a big order or just need some moving supplies , Shipping Supply has you covered. And what better way to cover you than to give you 10% off all corrugated boxes?

While we always strive to keep our prices low, we believe in giving our customers sales at the times they will need them most. Now that spring is here, those cardboard boxes are needed now more than ever. Maybe you need some boxes to store your winter things in, or for spring cleaning. Believe us when we say we have plenty of boxes to keep you covered.

In addition, both college and high school graduation time is starting to approach. If you know a graduate, or are one yourself, getting boxes is imperative to moving. Some of you are off to college soon, and some of you are heading home for summer! Either way, with our temporary discount we’re making it cheaper than ever to fill your needs. Get those boxes early so you have them in time for the big event. It's better than rushing around after finals asking people in your dorm if they know anyone with boxes available. (Likely, they won't.)

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And keep checking our blog weekly for new deals and discounts!