Thursday, August 17, 2017

Choosing Your Envelopes

Last month we featured our mailing bags and envelopes, but it got us thinking that we could have gone into a lot more detail when it comes to choosing the type of envelope that is right for your needs. When shipping you can’t simply choose any type of envelope, you have to choose one that is the best for your item. Despite what you may think, there is a huge variety when it comes to envelopes, and we’re here today to go into the different types in more detail.


Redi-Seal – You’ll be able to present documents professionally and without fuss with this type of envelope. These envelopes feature a self-seal, meaning you don’t need moisture to close them. Simply close the flap and press.

Self-Seal – These envelopes are easy to seal. All you have to do is pull off the tab and press the envelope closed. Fast, convenient, and uses minimal waste.

Gummed – The flaps on these envelopes are heavily gummed to ensure you get a secure seal. These envelopes require moisture to be sealed.

Clasp – Metal clasps on envelopes are easy to use and allow you to reuse your envelopes, making it a great economic option.

Jumbo – These oversized envelopes are perfect for mailing and transporting oversized documents. The flaps are ungummed allowing the envelopes to be reused.

Expandable – Expandable envelopes do just that, expand, so that you can more easily ship bulky items such as books.

Flat – These envelopes are great for use as stiff enclosures to prevent documents and photographs from being bent while in transit.


Paper – Paper envelopes are best for lightweight documents and products, typically in a personal or business setting. Our paper envelopes are made from 100% recycled content. These envelopes provide basic protection and are relatively inexpensive.

Ship-Lite – Ship-lite envelopes are made of paper that is reinforced with mesh screen poly fibers, making them six times stronger than standard paper envelopes. This type of material is strong enough to handle documents, catalogs, magazines, and even some books.

Nylon Reinforced – If you’re shipping items that don’t require extra protection or padding, this material is perfect. They are extremely lightweight and cheap compared to most other mailers.

Kraft – Kraft corrugated is tough and stiff, making this type of material ideal for items that need to not be bent or damaged.

Cool Shield – Keep perishable and temperature sensitive items at the correct temperature with this type of material. It is designed to also be puncture and water resistant to keep objects inside safe.

Tyvek – This material is ten times stronger than typical paper envelopes. If you need something that has extensive puncture, moisture, and tear protection, this is the type of envelope you want.

Poly – Lightweight, affordable, and resistant to tears and moisture, these are a great option for shipping items.

Jiffy Rigi Bag – Perfect for corner and edge protection. This material is stiff due to it being made from Kraft laminated fiberboard. Mailer won’t bend, fold, or crease.

Padded – If you need some extra protection, go for padded envelopes, which are made using expandable fiber padding to protect items from damage.