Friday, July 17, 2015

Unique Uses for Boxes

Here at, we know why people use corrugated boxes. For shipping and packing, of course! However, there are other fun and unique things you can do with your corrugated boxes. To show this, we’ve compiled this list of our favorite ten things to do with corrugated boxes!

1.       As a sign.  Why spend the money on a sign to promote something like a rummage sale or lemonade stand when you can save money by making one yourself? Just cut up a box, write your message, and post your sign! You can even get extra creative by using paint and drawing art on the sign to make it stand out.
2.       As a toy box. This is a great idea for boxes that come with removable lids. Paint the box with bright colors! Add stickers and cut-outs, or let your child decorate it all on their own. Then use it to store toys they regularly use.  
3.       To wrap presents. Many companies offer boxes for sale during the holidays to wrap your presents in. Save your money by recycling old corrugated boxes! Plus, you can make it a game. Wrap a DVD in a garment box with lots of padding. Or wrap up a scarf in a small cube box. It will make it harder for people to guess your gift.
4.       For costumes and costume props. You could use the cardboard to make props, such as swords, or as
the base of the entire costume! Cardboard is fairly lightweight, so it works well for costumes.
5.       For crafts. There’s tons of crafts out there that use corrugated boxes, from simple crafts for kids to elaborate projects for adults. Find a craft book or do a simple Google search to find hundreds of great projects!
6.       Toys for kids. It’s a common joke that you spend tons of money on toys for kids, and they’ll spend days playing with the boxes the toys come in. Hand off the boxes and let kids go wild, or make something! You can make houses, cars, rockets, and more!
7.       To store mementos. Do you like to save items and souvenirs that you can’t incorporate into your d├ęcor? For example, do you enjoy saving play bills, movie tickets, etc? Using a simple cardboard box is a great way to store these items all in one place! Next time you’re feeling nostalgic, everything will be there in one place for you.
8.       To store everything. Why spend the money on large plastic tubs when you can do the same thing with large corrugated boxes? Sure, it may not look as pretty, but it will save you a lot of money. All you have to do is label the boxes to know what’s inside.
9.       As drawer dividers. Do you have a drawer with multiple items inside it? Pieces of cardboard make for cheap and effective dividers. Simply cut up some boxes to place layers of cardboard between items. Or, if you are more crafty, you can design a full system out of cardboard!
10.   To ship items, of course!

We hope that some of these ideas come in handy for helping you give purpose to your leftover corrugated boxes! And if you’re looking to buy corrugated boxes, we have a huge selection on our site, HERE