Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wrap Up The Holidays The Right Way

Christmas is less than two weeks away, but until then you’re going to be busy packing and shipping. We’ve talked about preparing for the holidays, but today we’re going to give our best advice to help you get through the next two weeks.

The first thing you need to do is keep track of shipping deadlines. You have no control over when orders will come in, but by knowing the shipping deadlines you can get prepared now. Customers will want items to arrive before Christmas, so make sure you have plenty of shipping options that will make that happen. You always want to stay updated on shipping news. UPS, for example, is reporting delays. This should factor into how you ship.

You can’t control your package once it is in transit, but you can control how soon you ship it. Try to ship orders the same day as the orders come in. You want to mail as quickly as possible to keep your customers happy. One of our holiday hacks for this is to package popular items now, even if you don’t have orders for them. You’ll probably get them, and this can save some time.

And while you are packing up your products, make sure you package them to avoid damage. This means use void fill, don’t skimp on shipping supplies, and make sure each item has the proper padding. And if your product is damaged during shipping, replace it. Customers will appreciate it, especially if you make it easy for them.

Go the extra mile to make sure your products make it to their final destination. Add an address label to the inside of packaging in case the label on the outside of the box is damaged. Use extra tape or even multiple boxes to reinforce your package.

You can also make yourself stand out by making your packages more personalized. Include a generic holiday card with all shipments, a free sample, or something else that your customer won’t be expecting.

Most of all, remember that the madness will end. You can do it!