Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Save Before the Holidays

With November comes the start of the holiday season, and with the start of the holiday season comes a lot of people buying gifts. And of course, with a lot of gifts comes a lot of shipping. That is why is offering this great sale…10% off corrugated boxes!

Don’t be caught off guard with the influx of orders at the end of the year. Have all the materials you need to ship out your items quickly and effectively…starting with boxes! All you need is the promo code SALE10 to get this deal. And don’t wait because this sale only lasts through November 11, 2014. You need to get browsing if you want to see all the box options we have to offer. 

We have tons of different types of boxes that are great for shipping out holiday items.

Multi-Depth boxes are great if you ship a lot of differently sized items, and need many box sizes in your
inventory. The boxes are scored, allowing you to cut to the size you desire. This will save you both space and money during this busy shipping time.

Cube boxes are extremely common when it comes to shipping because the size and shape is ideal for many products. They are easy to stack, pack, and ship. We offer these boxes in many sizes for your convenience.

Flat boxes are also common when it comes to shipping. They’re often used to ship items such as books, mirrors, clothing, and more. If you ship a lot of items such as this, these boxes are great and also come in many sizes for you to choose from. 

Side loading boxes, while not as common, are very useful for shipping. The boxes open along the ends so items can easily be inserted into it. This type of box is great for flat products as they cane easily be inserted and removed. 

That is just a sample of the variety of boxes we carry. And it isn’t the only deal we have. Check out our Facebook to find our deal of the day. Today’s deal is:

Deal Price: $18.13
Normal: $20.14

You can catch our daily deal on Facebook…well…daily! This blog will be on a brief hiatus next week, but after that we’ll be back with regular updates about our products and sales. 

Until next time! 

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